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My Beltane Oracle

Posted in Tarot Decks and Workingd with tags , on 04/29/2022 by Keona-Mlh

So this is the card the I drew for the remainder of the festival. So what I’m going to do is journal every night on what our how my day corresponded to my card.

This is what I have everyone doing so they can get a taste of writing with orange card if they haven’t done it before. And as working with tarot.

A Little Backtracking

Posted in Tarot Decks and Workingd with tags , , , , , , on 04/12/2022 by Keona-Mlh

As I was going through my draws, mind you I only drew 4 cards so far, I felt unsatisfied. So I am going to modify what I do and how I go about it.

The whole point of learning the Tarot deeper, is to build a stronger connection of the cards and what they represent and present to me. Of course they have universal correspondences but you aren’t going to receive the same reading with the same cards from different people.

I am still going to go about shuffling them and just breathing my energy into the cards and relax while I shuffle them. I want my energy to be imbued in these cards since these are going to be my personal cards.

I am going to draw two like I have been. Write about what they mean from research, and then what I see and how I interpret the cards. Then what I think the two are trying to tell me. After that I am going to mediate on each card and just write what I see. What I feel. Carry the card with me. If I can spend a good week with both cards I feel that should be enough so when I start to really get into doing spreads I will be very comfortable in reading for myself. And applying the concepts to myself.

That means I should be spending a few months doing this and I am totally fine with that. I will still be purchasing other cards and going through them and working with oracle decks and reading for people during this time. Incorporating them into my workings and for meditation and devotionals.

I’m liking this plan a lot better. What do you do when working with a new deck?

Balance and Strength

Posted in Tarot Decks and Workingd with tags , , , on 04/11/2022 by Keona-Mlh

I work in the medical field in the lab, and lately I have been feeling disgusted in the quality of care that patients care teams have been giving. I have been arguing with some doctors and nurses because they refuse to follow protocol, do not care that they are wrong, and then go above us and cry to the hospital administration who then overrides us. I am in school to work on BS in Psych and focus on Mental health for black women. I get so frustrated by the medical system that I just want to quit and change my career focus.

So when I shuffled my cards I did what I did with the first set and just let the cards go off of my energy. I did not and will not ask questions. So when these two cards came up(underneath paragraph), I was intrigued. With my research , the 7 of Cups means providing balance to your situation or you yourself. On my card I see a woman standing tall on 7 cups. She is so sure of herself, with her head held high knowing that she can achieve all that she puts her mind to. She makes sure that she has everything equal and moves forward. The second card is VIII Adjustments (Strength), which represents patience and compassion, in there is also a reminder to not give up. What I see is a woman who ready for battle, she has her sword to cut down any self doubt and intrusive thought. She is ready to move forward and keep her balance. She has to make adjustments in her life and make sure she is on point.

The 7 of Cups and VIII Adjustments (Strength) work together for me. I have been disgusted in my career field for a few years, which is why I choose a section that is missing and focus on changing it. I have to take the hatred I have for the care teams and focus on what I can do to make sure I will never fall into the lack of care that is going on in the hospitals and nursing homes, and other medical facilities. What these cards are telling me is that I have to see the bigger picture. What am I going to do with this knowledge? How am I going to apply it to my career and future goals?

I have to be apart of the change I want to see in the medical field. I need to take a look at my current situation and not be as strict with my scheduling and allow fresh breath to come in and give me different directions that I may have unknowingly casted off. I need to breathe so I can see the bigger picture.

Deeping my Tarot Knowledge

Posted in Tarot Decks and Workingd with tags , , , on 04/09/2022 by Keona-Mlh

So I decided to go deeper in my learning of Tarot. I want to closer and more intoned to my spiritual side and those on the other side. So I am going to work with 2 decks that are going to be incorporated into my personal decks. Just like my Necronomicon Tarot Deck I want to have more to draw from. The way this goes is I will write down some information about the card itself, then my own interpretation and what both cards mean to me as a whole. What they are telling me. Then I will do DreamWorks with each card for one night and then with them both for the third night and then a mediation on them.

I choose The Balck Tarot and I am not sure the name of the second deck. Of course I got rid of the box. But I won’t be doing that from now on.

The Bkack Tarot I purchased from Heretic Owl on Etsy and you can find her on IG @heretic.owl The other deck I’ve had foe years so I don’t remember where I got it.

So what I am doing is working with the book Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning and going through some sections to broaden my knowledge of the cards. One thing I love about Tarot is yhat everyone has different views when they don’t follow the script. What I see, you will not see. That is fine. Never let someone tell you that your interpretation is wrong.

The Temperance Card is see as balance between two similar, almost identical tidal structures. I get peace, relaxation and mysteries just beyond my reach. But I am headed towards that way. The 3 of Cups, Abundance, I see as overflowing with emotions and knowledge. It’s is balance that has been split to give to others in which they come back together to share their experiences with what they were given. So for me these two cards together tell me to balance the community I am in when it comes to knowledge sharing. To look at the mysteries that I hold and share, to help teach and guide people. After all this is what I am here for. Why I am on this planet this go around.

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