28 Day Working Day 12

So I am moving through the Goetia at a good pace. I have been working with them everyday doing some good meditations and connections. The tarot cards have been progressing really good and they have been very helpful on this working as well. I have to give my partner props as he is very in tune to my energy and always picks a card that helps me move forward.

So I  have a change of focus for this 28 day working. I will be doing more invocations and meditations than rituals, and some days I will only have the goetia  and tarot cards to do. Trying to keep this little time I have light.

I have jumped back into the Nuctermon Gate Path working I was doing, and that will be a few weeks to get through these 3 genii and their gate, but tonight was very productive and I have some beautiful artwork that I can make.

Let’s keep this progress moving.

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