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28 Day Working Day 12

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , on 04/05/2017 by Keona-Mlh

So I am moving through the Goetia at a good pace. I have been working with them everyday doing some good meditations and connections. The tarot cards have been progressing really good and they have been very helpful on this working as well. I have to give my partner props as he is very in tune to my energy and always picks a card that helps me move forward.

So I  have a change of focus for this 28 day working. I will be doing more invocations and meditations than rituals, and some days I will only have the goetia  and tarot cards to do. Trying to keep this little time I have light.

I have jumped back into the Nuctermon Gate Path working I was doing, and that will be a few weeks to get through these 3 genii and their gate, but tonight was very productive and I have some beautiful artwork that I can make.

Let’s keep this progress moving.

28 Day Working, Day 11

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Man this is starting to become really easy. Last time I did a 30 day working it was Andreich Vitimus magic challenge and that was hell lol. It was three years ago around this same time. It was wonderful though, I think I was working with Angels and Daemons at the same time, so you already know my house was a little hot!

Anyway Murmur has been addressed today and meditated on and offerings sent up. More meditation form the Divine Meditation book by M. King, I actually started it yesterday and I swear, where has this book been. It really fits into this working I am doing right now.  Yoga and psychic workings are always done every day as well. Just in case I didn’t mention it.

Tarot cards are getting low and I am living high! I will be practice pulling cards as that is the one thing I have not done.

I have some books I want to get at, and more writings on all the orders a little at a time.

Let day continue on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Day 12, I am ready for you.

28 Day Working, Day 10

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Welcome Camio. It is a pleasure to work with you. Every time I work with a Daemon I find something new and I can add them to my list of Daemons who do those workings. It is always good, then I took them in my memory for safe keeping. If bloodletting and candle dressing was a sport, I would take top prize lol.

Tarot cards are really beautiful and I am enjoying this everyday. I cannot wait until I work with my other deck. Today is all about the serpent, and more meditations. Khemet is on the menu and I have a boatload of information to write down and get in order.

Pathworkings have been worked on and will be expanded through out the day. More yoga and psychic workings are being done, and I will be reorganizing my my pdf files again to make sure I have no duplicates or crap lol.

Let’s keep all this motivation going, before I fall asleep lol!


28 Day Working Day 4

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on 03/29/2017 by Keona-Mlh

Today was a very easy day. I did my ritual and meditation to Uvall, lit a candle and it burned constantly throughout the day. The wax is completely gone, only the wick remains. I did go ahead and gathered all my Daemon workings and paperwork so they are neatly organized.

I started my research on the Orishas that have called out to me. I have a lot already, but now it is getting serious.

No blood working today, kept everything inside of me lol. Did a morning meditation to Leviathan and still working on a fire meditation for Sekhmet for the night time. I played with the puppy, explored more groups, acquired more books, and just chilled out. I didn’t read anything, just watched movies.

Towards the end of the evening, my partner and I talked and I went in to a few trances, we bounced ideas off each other and what not, and of course I pulled my tarot card to write down and focus on.

My research is actually leading me into redoing my Divinatory Gate Walking with some new ideas. So I feel a little excited. I have around three other path workings I want to redo and get sent off.

Day 4 down.

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