28 Day Working, Day 11

Man this is starting to become really easy. Last time I did a 30 day working it was Andreich Vitimus magic challenge and that was hell lol. It was three years ago around this same time. It was wonderful though, I think I was working with Angels and Daemons at the same time, so you already know my house was a little hot!

Anyway Murmur has been addressed today and meditated on and offerings sent up. More meditation form the Divine Meditation book by M. King, I actually started it yesterday and I swear, where has this book been. It really fits into this working I am doing right now.  Yoga and psychic workings are always done every day as well. Just in case I didn’t mention it.

Tarot cards are getting low and I am living high! I will be practice pulling cards as that is the one thing I have not done.

I have some books I want to get at, and more writings on all the orders a little at a time.

Let day continue on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Day 12, I am ready for you.

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