Current Occult Practices

This year I have a lot of workings that need to be done. Last year I did a meditation that unleashed a lot of work that still needs to be done so I made a diagram of it. I am not going to show you it because it has other personal info up there, but I will give you a rundown of my workings.


January, I am just prepping for the rest of the year and getting my affairs in order. So, what I am doing is an 11-day working with the Temple of Ascending Flame. I am also doing a tarot challenge with my tarot group as well.

February, I will be doing psychic and blood workings with my boyfriend, in addition to working on another 30-day challenge

March brings me to shadow working with Hecate

April is blood workings and tantric workings with Lilith.

July, I will be working more in-depth with the 9 divinities (Daemonaltry)

August my Necromantic workings will become heavier

September, I start a couple of Priesthood trainings.

October and November are more of Lilith workings.

I have a shit more of things I am doing within each month like mini workings, 3-7-day workings, tons of celebrations and classes that I need to schedule for my students. I keep myself busy, and I am always doing something constructive. I live my craft, it isn’t a weekend thing to me. It is built into everything that I do, and it may be exhausting work, but it is so worth it when your work manifests and pays off.

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