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DoMagic Day 5: Invocation with Satan

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I get up really early and decided to have a cup of coffee with some pumpkin spice creamer. But instead Satan said he wants tea with honey and lime since I was out of lemon), and of course I oblige. So I took my cup of tea back downstairs and just relaxed. I was hoping to light an incense but instead he wanted to listen to some meditation music. I started out with some dark meditation music from YouTube this one here:

And then one to this to get me in a very high spirit:

I am completely just relaxed and he just basically wanted me to take time for myself. These invocations are just so wonderful for me. Especially with me doing them in the morning.

Current Occult Practices

Posted in Important Posts with tags , on 01/18/2018 by Keona-Mlh

This year I have a lot of workings that need to be done. Last year I did a meditation that unleashed a lot of work that still needs to be done so I made a diagram of it. I am not going to show you it because it has other personal info up there, but I will give you a rundown of my workings.


January, I am just prepping for the rest of the year and getting my affairs in order. So, what I am doing is an 11-day working with the Temple of Ascending Flame. I am also doing a tarot challenge with my tarot group as well.

February, I will be doing psychic and blood workings with my boyfriend, in addition to working on another 30-day challenge

March brings me to shadow working with Hecate

April is blood workings and tantric workings with Lilith.

July, I will be working more in-depth with the 9 divinities (Daemonaltry)

August my Necromantic workings will become heavier

September, I start a couple of Priesthood trainings.

October and November are more of Lilith workings.

I have a shit more of things I am doing within each month like mini workings, 3-7-day workings, tons of celebrations and classes that I need to schedule for my students. I keep myself busy, and I am always doing something constructive. I live my craft, it isn’t a weekend thing to me. It is built into everything that I do, and it may be exhausting work, but it is so worth it when your work manifests and pays off.

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