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Hot Gamer Chicks do exist!

Posted in Important Posts with tags , on 06/05/2013 by Keona-Mlh

How do I know. Because I am one of them.

I’m not 250, 300, 400 lbs or what not. I’m over 200 but not round. I do have curves lol. I’m short, over five feet. Barely lol.

I am a RPGer. Love those games. What games do I currently play. Well let’s see.

Gears, gears 2, gears 3, judgement
Dragon age origins, awakening, 2
Bioschock trilogy
Mass effect trilogy
Ninety nine nights
Army of two
Fable 2, fable 3
Burn out
Call of duty(I’m a baby in this series)
Ultimate marvel vs capcom

Madden 09, 10, 11
God of war, 2, 3, ascension
Ratchet and clank tools of destruction
Heavens sword
Marvel vs capcom 3 date of two worlds
Soul caliber IV
Walking dead survival

Wii sports

Kingdom hearts, chain of memories, 2
Soul caliber 2, 3
Burn out 3
DMC 2, 3
Dragon ball Z Budokai
Jax, 2, 3
Onimusha, 2, 3, dawn of dreams, warrior blades
God of war , 2, 3 (as well)

I had a game cube but lost the cords. My PS was just done lol. But I do hope to get all my game systems up and back. I’m also PC chick too. I started out playing The Sims and I enjoy it. Then Diablo and Tom Clancy games.

So for those who game feel free to add me. I’m not the best but damn it I can survive and revive lol.

360: TsunamaiAzula
PS3: KeonaAE
Steam: kitty3l3m3nt

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