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Patala and Earth Star

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , on 06/07/2013 by Keona-Mlh

These are the two chakra points I’m working on within my chakra 1. I have my posts, changes, candles, books, and writings that I’m doing to make sure I heal from the inside out.

Of course we know that the Earth Star goes between 6″-18″ (depending on your research) below or feet. I hear depth to just be able to sink your feet into the beach and just enjoy the contract. But for us in the concrete jungle (as one ex affiliated called it) we don’t have that luxury. Well you can go outside and stick your feet into a while in the ground, but if you live in DC that clay will get you. If you til your own garden it would be ideal to have a little dirt retreat where you can count with mother nature no matter where you are. But for us in an apartment, I advise you to stay of the grass and just bring a blanket and put your feet on that. Can never be to careful. I enjoy the moment my feet hit the earth. It’s the connection I’m consciously making with Gaia to say, “hey how you doing, let’s talk.”

We are created who are used to running around and only enjoy the material things in life, but only during the holiday, or a work weekend or vacation. We just can’t seem to unplug and enjoy nature in her beauty. I have no cell phone at the moment. And you know what I love it. Yes with today’s world it is inconvenient but he’ll do is the San text messages, rings, and notifications. I communicate in person or through email. I even still write letters O.o I know right. It’s a lost art form. But knowing that someone took there time out of their day, to sit down and grab a pen and paper and write you a couple pages is just exciting. It makes you feel special. If not loved.

The Patala is within the sole of your foot and it controls/governs murder, hate, malice and torture. Awesome huh? No you know why you always want to put your foot up someone’s ass. It’s where that emotion comes from. Now I am a female that is crazy. No seriously, the Military has it documented. And I can think of some serious brutal shut to do to people. I’m also a Scorpio and I can wait years to get my revenge. Living every minute of it. But it does get old. Well no it doesn’t, but you know what I mean. I prefer a more creative out burst of my thoughts. I write them out in little stories. Every violent thought, becomes a short story, or poem. So these people that say couldn’t video games cause people to be crazy need to get a fucking life. WE has created have it inbred within us. Some deal with it by acting it out, others channel it in a more positive and useful art. Animals killing one another is part of their survival and did. Humans not as much. When the last time you went to McShitty’s and ordered a double chest burger with a side of toes? There is no need for us to kill than to satisfy the Ego and be top dog. That is all. Hell we are dying from poison, lack of food, mental illness already; like FAT is going to really make a difference lol.

Either way I digress. I have six notebooks that I write in. A lot trees. But they all do something different and help channel my thoughts. If course if I want to unleash the inner beast I’m jumping on a video game and whooping ass and calling it a day. Or screaming, kick boxing, any physical activity will do. Even sex if you like it rough.

I’ve been working in these teams for about two to three weeks I believe and I have gotten better. Released energy that was surely needed. Not sure how long I will be in these realms. My spirit makes the decision that I’m ready, combined with my higher conscious, sub conscious. I have no say. When the Universe tells you it’s time, try to stop her. You’ll be surprised how hard she hits.

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