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Challenge Accepted

Posted in Important Posts with tags on 06/10/2013 by Keona-Mlh

So I have categories with nothing in them as of yet. My goal is to blog at least once a day minimum. Get me and keep me in the habit of expressing myself a little better, and a lot more.

With this challenge it will help me kick start my brain again, and learn some new information; while sharing with my readers. He’ll we can always learn something new.

Everyday is going to be a different task for me. Not one that is going to overwhelm me, but a task that is going to help me.

I will be reading one science article a day. Getting back into the habit of that. It will be in my Academic section. The articles I will be reading, will of course be the ones I’m particular drawn too, but I’m also going to break down information from when I was in school to receive my Biotechnician certification as well. I’m geeking out on y’all basically.

Another category that I’ll be writing in is video game. I am so getting back into gaming that I want to share my experience with people. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I’m pretty damn good lol.

Cooking and exercising. They hand in hand, and will be found in the category with the same name. I love cooking and creating dishes. It’s in the blood. Ma used to sell dinners when I was younger, helping feed people who couldn’t afford dinner for them or there kids, and it grew. She did it for a I think, it was in the late 80’s. But mom, like grandma and mother before her; can make your mouth orgasm from the smell of her cooking. I’m almost there lol, I can taste it 🙂 Exercising doesn’t have to be a lot, and trust me I’m not running a marathon ever. But I still remember my military exercises and they come in handy.

Occult knowledge is one that I have written books about. Not published books, but my own personal research in books. I have information that I will undoubtedly share from my own Compendum, because it’s knowledge you can obtain everywhere if you just take the time to look. Of course it is combined with other secondary, primary research that is really available to anyone with a computer or library card. My personal research. Or things that are personally mine will never be put up. Like rituals, spells, research in conducting for a reason. Like my chakra healing work. I’m not detailing that, but I will share enough so people can get a glimpse of what I’m doing. But that is personal and tailored specifically for me.

Another category that will be here and linked to my other website is my hair and Makeup page. The site is private for now because it’s still being worked on, but everything will be clear soon. And you will get to see my face. Oh my, a real person lol.

Basically anything that I’m passionate about I will share with my readers. I want to give you as much information, make it fun and educational, and useful as I can.

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