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Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , on 03/01/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL
I think there is going to be a time when I finally ditch FB and put more effort in my own personal websites.
I like that a lot, I like that idea of not being reported, people trying to out do me or make their life worse than mine lol, like competing for competing because its Tuesday.
I think I like the idea of unplugging from life, being in the real world and having numbers and emails of people that I can call and text.
My life is heading towards so many new avenues that I am enjoying where my life is heading. Yes Social Media has its place, but there are way to many others in which people can reach me, interact with me. 
FB has become more of a distraction than anything positive. I mean I have found some really good places and stores from IG and Twitter. FB does to much to contain what they want people to do, even though the others change their algorithms as well, not so much as FB. I have a lot of my social sites, if not all of them, interlinked with them. Will I miss all the people I “talk” with on FB. Yes, very much. But FB has run it’s course with me.

This isn’t saying tomorrow I will fully be off, because we all know that is a lie. But I do plan on being FB free by 2020, which is like 2 fucking years from now! Can you believe it. Aren’t we supposed to have flying cars or some sit. Instead we have kids eating detergent packs and a generation of men and women who are pussies. Like how the hell did this happen.

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