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2019 Ritual Calendar

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By now you should have an idea that I plan out my rituals for the year. That way I can actually work through my books and not just have them collecting dust. I mean I rarely have them collecting dust, but I want to make sure that I am going through the books I want to.

So I know I will have monthly workings from the Temple of Ascending Flame. I really look forward to them. I know I will be doing monthly workings with the Brotherhood of Satan. I know for the House of Baal there will be monthly workings as well lol. So my organizations will keep me busy lol.

For my groups on Facebook I have 2 that I work with monthly, but they are scheduled so I don’t have to worry to much about daily postings as it is done for me lol. And a 3rd group that I can participate in every so often. I also have a few people that I check up on and help when they reach out, I am a counselor after all so I try to make time for them no matter the time of day lol.

Now that does not include my personal workings at all lol. So on top of all those orgs and groups, and people; there are my personal aspirations that I am working towards. This includes two priesthood training’s;  my diving deeper in to the Necromancy, Sex magic, Khemetic workings and Divination/Oracle work. Then the monthly workings for the year.

I am actually thinking of doing the calendar differently. October thru December is my favorite season! October for Samhain and the beginning of Scorpio season; November for my, my dad’s and my grandfathers birthdays,  and thanksgiving (which I just use to celebrate all my heritage by attempting to cook their foods lol); and December for Yule and Kwanza which I will be celebrating for the first time with my girl. So that is exciting. So I really will only be doing personal workings from January to September. So for right now I have the following I will be working on:

January- Honoring Death The Arte of Daemonaltry Necromancy by S. Connolly

February- Hands of Glory Daemonaltry Experience with the Hands of the Gods by M. King

March- Feast of the Morrighan A Grimoire for the Dark Lady of the Emerald Isle by Christopher Penzack

April- Divine Meditations Mastering the Darkness Within by M. King

May- The Infernal Colopatiron by S. Connolly

June- The Grimoire of Tiamat by Asenath Mason

July-  The Book of Azazel The Grimoire of the Damned by E. A. Koetting

August- Hecatean Magick by B. Morlan

September- Keys of Ocat A Grimoire of Daemonaltry Nygromancye by S. Connolly

This will keep me busy for 2019, so I will have book reviews up for each of these books this month on my YouTube Channel (Keona Esh)



Hand of Glory by M. King

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20160824_221159 (1)

Going straight into it, this book gave me so many ideas it is not even funny. The book has this beautiful matte cover and it feels cool to the touch. I just keeping rubbing it, don’t judge me lol. This book will instruct you in how to create several Hands of Glory for your own workings.

You have your What to Expect chapter, and the standard Introduction. You get to the chapter, Hand of Power, and it gives you the basis of where the hand of glory came from. If you don’t know how it came about, it’s pretty damn gruesome. It goes into what you can utilize the hand for including his Hand of Light. It had my mind working like oohh, I can use mine to do this and that, and i can paint it this color and have it filled with these herbs. I was too excited already. And I was only 10 pages into the book lol.

The chapter on Choosing Daemons to Work With, will get anyone started on making a hand for a specific purpose. You have a nice amount of hands for use and the Daemons that line up with them. I have 5 right of the break from the section. So my list begins. Next you are given 4 methods on how to charge your hand, if you don’t have any or want to try some new methods. I plan on using these methods as well, something to break me out of my usual chargings.

If you never worked with servitors, or thought forms, get ready to get down and dirty. In this chapter you will be  getting your feet with. You have a few methods that you can work with, like word and pictorial. The whole thing with your hand of glory is attaching an entity to it that will help you in what you plan on doing. I have worked with a few servitors and they key is focusing on your intent like he says, and making sure that you feed them daily or weekly. But make sure you don’t forget, or they will just disappear.

Pages 37-57 give you a list of Daemons that you can create a hand of glory for, and oh my god….I will be making a lot of damn hands. Going to look like a serial killer with figures of hands just laying around the house. Pages 63-66 are pictures of the author’s Hand of Glory, and it is really spectacular. It gave me so many ideas.

What I like about this chapter book, is that you have a lot of options in making one hand or 50, and then you have countless methods in which you can experiment with. This is a book that you put to use, that you can make notes in (like I do for majority of my working books)  that you keep going back to over and over again. If you are like me, and always like pathworkings, then you are going to be working on this for a nice little minute. This is a great addition to your workings, especially if you want to enhance any part of your workings.

In short, pick up this book and add it to your library. Actually get 2, one to keep and one to work in.













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