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My Elemental Life

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My Patron and Matron are very interesting. They both have what I need, what I desire, more importantly it helps me out and balances my life.

My Patron is Leviathan. I see him as a beautiful Dragon Serpent. Ice blue. God of Chaos, Serpent of Storms. He’s my emotional balance. I am a water sign. A Scorpio. And emotional imbalance is part of my life lol. I have had Leviathan around me for a few years, and had him for a Patron for a nice time now. I call upon him, and he shows when he’s ready lol, normally when I’m immersed in water. Uh duh, it makes sense, but I get lost in our communications. I heal little by little, control my emotions a lot better each day. He’s the healing comfort, the kick in the ass I need and deserve. Meditation every day. Morning, night. Even doing the dishes, whenever I have water running he’s there. He’s always there.

My Matron is Sekhmet. The Fire, The Vengeance, The Healing and The loving. I consider myself a fire daemon. There are reasons why, and no I’m not sharing. But I do have a long connection with her as well. Four years, going strong. She was first a guardian to me when I was exploring and getting deeper into Khemet in ’09. Then it seems overnight she was my Matron. I remember my first meditation with her. A real deep one. I read the Psycho Spiritual Way by Robert Masters. I have a small statue of Sekhmet, it’s around six inches tall. I was in the desert with her, going to her temple and her statue moved. The statute on my altar that is. Chanting her name, her statue moved. Slightly at first, then her hand with her Ankh moved up, like being presented to me, and her Uraeus moved. Her eyes shifted and looked through mine. I was burning up. It was a long meditation but one I will never forget.

I did a meditation to her today in which I was playing with the candle flame. I am a bit of a pyro. Working on my Pyromancy actually. But talking with her I was a little amused to have the flame bend with me. I willed It to bend right, and it did. I willed It to bend left, and it did. I willed it to grow tall, and it did. It bent mostly to the right and grew tall when I moved with it. It only bent left a few times. My Hydromancy is becoming better as well. Bending water in the shower is awesome. Not so much when your doing dishes though lol.

Either way, my Patron and Matron compliment me and each other. Though sometimes I fizzle out, or dry up to fast lol. Or sweating when they are around. Been a while since they have both been in the same area. But usually it’s a wet heat. And they never argue it fight, it’s just perfect surprisingly.

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Healing Spell

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Healing Spell


This one is pretty easy to do.


All you need is a glass of water. Pour into it all the energy and vibrations of the healing color blue and green. Imagine that you are pouring in blue water, and green water. Watch them swirl together and then drink the glass.


The best thing to have as well is a green and blue pitcher of water in your fridge. A glass of them in the morning will help to heal you throughout the day.


We always need healing with the ailments we have. Try this and I bet you will feel better about yourself.

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