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Unit B is done!

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , on 06/28/2013 by Keona-Mlh

So after like I don’t know, six months maybe I finally was able to complete my second unit in my Makeup Artistry Course.

I attend a correspondence course in Mastery of Makeup. Once I got out the service and was introduced to makeup I enrolled into Cosmetology school and I wanted more training. I’m addicted to the YouTube clips of the females who do makeup. Those chicks are talented. I follow a lot of them.

I have four more units to go. My problem is I had no models. Them hoes backed out because I didn’t want to go to a damn play party. Screw that. My education and advancement will always come before dick and pussy. I swear people are misguided nowadays.

Either way I am excited about my next course. Granted I think I do wonderful makeup and once I have my website set up perfectly it will be linked in. I am still working on it I didn’t forget. You have to see the woman behind the crazy all inclusive blog sometime.

Oh, and before I forget. I attend QC Makeup Academy based in Silver Spring, MD. They do have tutors and give you feedback via mp3. You can call to talk to them as well and Makeup is just one of the many courses they offer. Shameless plug for a school I love 🙂

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