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As I sit outside in my red sweater, smoking my Black & Mild (regular of course), I am enveloped by the cold air, the impending Death of the leaves. I sniff the crisp air, and I feel that coldness sink down into my lungs, having me shiver just a little bit. 
Thoughts move to Yule, and what I want, that will enhance my practice.  I have been wanting a wood carving kit for a while now. I have grown quite an obsession for this art. I have wood planks and branches all over my house and in my shed.  I have drawings on them waiting to be etched and them fed with my blood. Ideas pop into my mind daily.

I love the Winter (minus the snow). I love seeing the Death of life. Watching everything die slowly. This is the most transformative time of the year. Samhain  has allowed you to be open to the veil, walk beyond what you don’t see, walk into the veil. Then continue that path into the yearly shedding of bullshit that we have unknowingly  (or knowingly) carried with us for the past several months.

During this time I will be connecting deeply with Euryonmous. I have always delve deep into the Death, but deep enough for me to always have control. I never have allowed my guides to let me free fall and trust them (even though I trust them with everything else in my life). Still dealing with my own personal bullshit. A Necromancer that gate walks, does blood and chaos magick, but extremely strict and pigeon holds herself to not walking deeper, such total bullshit. But these next few weeks are going to change.

I pulled the Poised card from my Wisdom Oracle deck. Confirmation that all I have done, that I am ready to place my head deep under.  I am ready to let that cold, bitter liquid into my mouth, down my lungs;  cracking my chest open breaking free.

I walk with Belial, Bael, Beelzebuth/Beelzebub. Guarded by Apep and Anpu; intune with Hecate, Lilith and Satanas; surrounded by my Tribe and my Seven. I have been through the ringer, I have been fractured, I have been made Whole.

I am ready for Yule.

The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day

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There isn’t a part of this book that I don’t like. It was one of the best books I read in 2012. It was written to include a nice spectrum of working with the Dead, spirits. I especially loved his altar of the Dead.

Opening up the book you have some real good info on the Dead, practices, and witchcraft and then you come to your first exercise: Entering the Visionary State. Simple and easy to do connection with the Death current. It’s one that is perfect for you before you start your Necromantic workings, to help loosen you up a bit before you jump head first into the waters. If you want to modify it, you can very easily. Even the Making the Pact Ritual, I found useful and I normally bypass those. It serves as a purpose to remind you of a commitment you made to better yourself through your workings and your dedication to your craft.

The altar of the Dead chapter is very detailed in giving you: understanding of the purpose of the altar of the Dead, finding an altar, placement, blessings, personalization, offerings, daily devotionals and etc. Very lovely chapter if you ask me.

The ritual tools are listed, some old and some new. A well placed chapter on bindings and banishing and exorcisms is always needed when working with these energies, lest you have something nasty attached to you. The cleansing ritual are useful and you can, of course, replace the Saint Michael with Hecate, Satan or any other deity you chose. There’s a good method on spirit communication and mediumship. With all the ritual exercises, Necromantic works in different cultures, and workings on a daily basis with the spirits, this book has so much to offer.

The book ends with Dreams of the Dead, ghost haunting how to’s, the 9 day fear of the Dead, other cultures festivities of the Dead, Samhain, the ritual dumb supper and a nice “after thought”. A book for every practicioner to have in their library.

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