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Cthulhu 5 a day working-Day 2

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Tonight I make my way deeper into the city. Last night’s working was pretty successful.  I can’t wait to continue my journey and sit down and talk with the Old Ones. The card I drew for tonight’s working is…

19 pages later

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I am tired of writing lol. For now.

On Jan 20,2014 I will begin my very unique divinatory ascension working. It utilizes the twelve Zodiacs as the gates, Necronomicon seals, Kerry’s and current; while being guided through by divination Daemons and Gods of the Zodiac.

Yup only I can come up with some stuff like that. But it’s been almost two years in the making, and it is a lot to do: ascend, walk through gates and not lose yourself on a chaotic current.

Last night I spent, I think, eight hours writing the ritual up. Getting the gates organized and with the intent that I wanted to have auditory each. Choosing which divination Daemons should compliment me and Westwood actually work with me to go through the gates. And most importantly the God or Daemon that will be representing the Zodiac as its guardian, the ascension ritual that I modified, and the colorful odds act of my choosing to utilize a triangle structure within my normal workings as its normal just the 4 elements I call and that’s it. This time it’s more set up as a square our shape, triangle in the middle and a circular area where I will be sitting at, during automatic writings. When I was writing every thing down, I chuckled, because it reminded me of when I was in the lab. We come up with an experiment, what we would want to use, write down everything we needed, and list all the steps that we would go through to get it down, than performing it and making adjustments and then trying it again. So needless to say, I will be able to have 4-5 working days of divination ascension per sign with an hour for each working. More than enough time to tweak it before I moved on. Plus with down time scheduled into the work, gives me time to work with the Beings without feeling rushed or that I needed more time.

So 19 pages later and I’m finished with the ritual itself. I have the information of how I am working the gates, what the signs are,c wise being utilize for what, and where everything is placed. But it’s more than a list to do. It is a journal of what I will be doing the entire working. I know I won’t be ascending every day. I also know that everything those 20 odd days, there will be a few days where nothing need to be tweaked, because it went perfectly. So yes you will have an update. The week before I start it, and then Jan 21,2015 is when I will let you know how it went lol.

In between that you will read about other workings I’m going through and just my normal stuff.

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The 13 Gates of the Necronomicon A Workbook of Magic by Donald Tyson

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It was a very interesting rad about the Lovecraft Mythos as I really never had a big interest in it as a thought i did. The gate workings was seen more intriguing and I knew that I had to work through them as they were using the Zodiac as gates with the 13th gate as a realization of ritual work and maintaining an understand of of rituals in general. It doesn’t have to used with the Old Ones, as you can actually leave them out as there is a way to do that when reading the book. The Necronomicon is the current of energy but you do not have to interact with any of the beings, which I thought was nice.  It is basically an ascension working, divinatory workings it is easily paired up with a book i read last night. I read this book two years ago but just didn’t feel I had what I needed to perform the workings, now i do and I will be scheduling it soon.

So this is what the first 12 Gates are basically giving you. When you start reading through the book, you come across the Gates and each one give you a little bit of information about the Mythos. The first gate talks about the Races, the second gate talks about the Personalities and so on. There is a picture of the gates ass well that you need to keep in mind. You then move on to the key as there is one for each gate. The first Gate is Sagittarius- The Horse Archer. It tells you of the sun Zodiac, the right pillar and its associations, the left pillar and its associations. With each key you open the gate to gain entry by focusing on a seal. The first gate is for divining information, dream retrieval, communication with the Old Races, or another individual.  You then have visualizations and words of power to say and then you are on your way.

The 13th Gate deals with rites and incantations. Its the Serpent Bearer gate that you will open to greater practical techniques of Magickal ceremonies. It uses the thirteenth zodiac which i just dismiss. No one is going to change their zodiac because some one found an extra and tried to stick it in. I like the 12 and I am sticking with the 12. It helps you to internalize all the workings you have been doing, and to help you understand further the reason ritual work is done. It too has a gate, key and seal. Its a mediation gate only.

I like the working as it is presented. I see that I actually don’t have to rewrite anything, I can omit and get the same results since i am for going the Old Ones. It has more than enough information to get you caught up on Lovecraft and his mythos if you have never heard of him, or got the chance to read any of them. I enjoyed it and if you like the mythos and are a heavy believer of them, than you will enjoy this working to walk among them. If not it is still a decent read to keep on your shelf.

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