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Posted in Goetia Working with tags , , on 05/14/2022 by Keona-Mlh

So yesterday was day 75 of my 76 day working. The video should be up a little bit after this blog is posted. So you can go to my YT channel and hear all about what I got going on.

Today is day 76 and I have to say that I am amazed that I made it. Faithfully with the energy work without missing a fay of changing the sigil out. I do miss wearing the sigil necklace though. But it will be back when I do the individual workings with the Daemons. I have a good week before I start on the actual prep work. I am going to get my mind, body and spirit ready to undertake a long ritual of 5 years. The it will be a natural part of my working from now on.

So I’ll see you guys in a week once I figure out exactly what exercises are going ro be done.

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