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Fake Satanic Activities ( again written years ago though I still stand by it)

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , on 08/16/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Now granted who doesn’t want to sacrifice a pedophile or a cold-blooded psycho who murders children and animals for fun. Hell I am all for it.

But besides those two things and those who deliberately try to take your life and those of your family, is the rest really acceptable? There is a group I know who perform them on a regular basis. Hey more power to them, it is no concern of mine. But do I advocate as a must have and major requirement of Satanism. No I do not. Will you find me joining on a ritual skinning someone anytime soon…when Christians become less of an asshole.

I do not ever see the reason for this to be a standard practice today or a way to prove just how Satanic you really are. Besides they exterminate themselves anyway (those who are a hazard) I just like to sit back and watch the show.

Is this what Satanism has become. Is this the “real” Satanic Way. What others are deeming correct. It is the bad boy wanna be Satanic mentality that they strive for. “I am a Satanist, I answer to no one, I defy authority to the fullest, I can kill who I want because I am smart enough to get away with it. That is what it is to be a Satanist:/ No that is what it means to be a pathetic individual who is in need of attention to validate that they are the biggest and sickest person around.

Children-and I mean young and old.

The Fall Of Satanism (Written a couple of years ago)

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags on 08/16/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Is becoming more and more evident. And I mean in a group setting. You have so many of those with like mind that will always look for fame and recognition than bringing awareness to us all. We have to get the hell out of that mentality of my group is better than yours, and what I say about your group is true based on the many decades of years of information that I have gathered from other resources. So you are an idiot because you didn’t read this book yet I and my circle have. What sense does that make? All it is, is ignorance.

In every Religion the principles that we adhere to our try to adhere to was passed down form the leader or prophet to the masses. Over time it has changed. That is why we have so many sects of a few Religions. Everyone decided that what they see was not what the others see, so they gathered those that did believe the same they did and broke off. There is no one true Religion. Every Religion is based on that particular person’s point of view and how they see it.

Now what can we do. We can learn from one another, we can cross train, we can understand, and we can agree to disagree. We do not have to be assholes about it, by making ourselves look fucking stupid. And that is always the case. I have 20 years of living it and practicing it. But I will tell anyone who is right and who is wrong. I have my opinions and that is all. I can always quote plenty of people with tons of letters behind their name but what do we exactly know about them. We aligned ourselves, and get our sources form those who see the exact same way we do. Have we ever tried to see another’s viewpoint and agreed to disagree in a decent setting. No. We jump out there like dummies and try to call others the same, when we just clearly helped them prove their point against us.

With any Faith there are radicals that make us all take a step back. They think they are speaking for the majority when in all actuality they are only speaking for themselves. Leave us out of your maniacal thinking. Specifically name those who think the way you do, that way when you jump out there with some ignorance we know exactly who the idiots are. Or who the ones who have common sense are.

You may think it is cool putting people in a box. It isn’t. You just gave people the ammo to shut us down and prove how ignorant the Faith is.

My Path

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , on 06/10/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Personally my path is all encompassing. I’m a Satanist. I’m a Vampire. I’m a Witch. I’m all and everything. But I have an extremely wide area of topics that I choose to study and pursue.

I’m a Theistic Satanist. Satan is a real being, a force of nature. I talk to him, and plenty other Gods since I was a very young child. It runs in my family. Mainly, of course, the Maternal side. I am grateful for Mother, Grandma, and my Mom in teaching me, and raising me the way they did. I did not less an easy life. But I survived and moved on. I don’t have a “brand” or “type” of Satanism. I read. I learn. I devour knowledge of ALL religions, and spiritual paths to further educate myself. I mean come on now, knowledge is power, and ignorance is bliss.

Vampirism is a very beautiful thing. It’s not a religion. It is a way of life as its your life. I ingest human blood. I actually never liked the taste, but have always enjoyed the smell, the look and the feel. As a child I remember the kids in the neighborhood would get scrapes, and come to me so I can kick it clean. It was normal for me and then. That was in the 80’s so it wasn’t as crazy as it is now. I haven’t fed in roughly four years now, maybe shorter, but I can’t remember. Oh I have tested myself, backed up with medical evaluations of my health. It’s a direct relation. Always have been. I never needed a doctor. Buy I do enjoy not being crazy. I’m very picky though. With all the new diseases that are created, found, and spread you just don’t know any more. It takes a year or more for a donor to clear with me. I want everything tested. No drugs, no STD’ s, no diseases, no medications. And I mean like serious medication, nitrate pills and such.

Witch. Bitch. It’s all the same. Witchcraft is in my blood. And it will continue to flow until the day I die, and be passed on to my children. I’m not the tree hugging, love and light Witch. I’m a Black Bitch Witch :-). I enjoy my rituals, spells, incantations, candle magic, Calif, and everything else that is weird, happens to me. I enjoy seeing and feeling other beings in my present. I am used to the voices that I hear. Not the crazy go kill people voices, but other worldly more experience voices. I consider myself an Oracle. But I have a long way to go, to get on Delphi’s level. I practice my skill. I take out. I create, I do.

Now my interests are very wide. I try to learn about a little bit of everything. That way I can expand on those topics that I have touched on. So here’s a list of some of the things of the top of my head that I know about:

Astrology, I write natal charts
Crystal and gems and stones
Ancient history like Babylon, Sumeria, Khemet, Lemuria, Persia
Lucid Dreaming
Astral traveling
Meditations, healings, trance, cleansing
Chakra workings
African Traditional Religions
Excretion magic
Black arts, dark magic
Abrahamic religions

That’s all of my head for now. I like to stay well rounded. It keeps me grounded and aware of my history, present, future, and beyond.

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