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Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , , on 04/21/2016 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I sit back and just think what the fuck am I doing lol. I think I am just along for the ride. It is idiots and just selfish people every where. No matter where you turn. Schools are greedy. People are greedy. Life is greedy. You come across some of the shittiest people, who I find are very miserable and are nothing but followers, especially when they think you are not watching. I swear man, black people are the worst and as a race will never get better. They really deserve to be where they are at. It’s no wonder we can’t improve. We are nothing but snitching ass, back biting, sneaky, underhanded, double crossing assholes, that only care when someone white hurts us, but glorify black on black crime. Ugh.

But this is what people with goals have to fight through. We have to get through those lazy assholes who cut you out, count you down, because they have nothing to do in their life but eat and collect free shit. I have came across a lot of people, and they all have taught me something. That this world is full of shitty people that should all have been aborted, and that I am born in the wrong year, time and on the wrong planet.

It is not that many people with sense on this planet. And we are really being outnumbered. Like the dumb are breeding like crazy and the sane are sterile. Like ain’t this some shit.

But hey that is life right. All you can do is go about your business, do you, and know that no one you meet is worth it. They are just always full of shit.

And that handful of people who you can connect to, hold on to them. Because they will be the only way you can survive this world. Keep those connections tight, and link threads so you can always find them. Cause shit, at this rate, I am not coming back for another life. Fuck that, let me float around this bitch for EVER!

Welcome to the Planet Earth. Population: People that should have never been conceived.

Where the hell are my people to take me back home 🙂




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