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Friday Night Dinner

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , , on 08/20/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So I went all out lol. I made short beef ribs, steak, and sweet potato and carrot casserole.

So what I did was marinate the streak in a mixture of mashed bananas, honey, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, hot sauce, and mustard. Let it sit in the sauce for a day. The ribs I had a mixture of ground black pepper, thyme, rosemary and other seasonings rubbed into them. I slathered them in bbq sauce. I Fried the steaks and put the ribs in the slow cooker for seven hours. The meat was tender and fell off the bone.

I made the casserole by baking the sweet potatoes for 50 minutes at 400, after poking holes in it. At the same time while they were cooling I was boiling the baby carrots so I can mash them into the sweet potatoes. Once they cooled I added an egg, Brown sugar, honey, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar. Mixed it till it was some what smooth, then topped it with a mixture of oats and brown sugar mixed. It was crunchy on top. Baked it at 350 for 40 minutes. Perfect. I was going to make cornbread but ran out of time. Luckily I had left over rice and potatoes from the bbq wings I made the other night.

All of that food took care of my weekend cooking lol. I hate cooking on the weekend.

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Whats for Dinner?

Posted in Important Posts with tags , , , , , on 08/14/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

o I am always trying to figure out what to cook since I really don’t like cooking during the summer months. Its to hot, and I feel like a slave in the kitchen sweating and what not. I figure I go with the basics; chicken, potatoes, green beans, cornbread and lemonade.

So for the past day couple of days I have had some chicken wings marinating in a concoction of honey, balsamic vinegar, hot sauce, marjoram, thyme, rosemary sea slat and black pepper. It smelled so good when I opened the lid. I decided to throw them in the crock pot. I sprayed the pot than placed red potatoes at the bottom and then placed the wings on top. Put it on high and in about two and a half hours I will check the chicken and then poor some bbq sauce in there. I will probably make a pot of rice as well. My mother gave me her rice cooker as she as about 12 of those things around the house.

I made lemonade this morning and will make the cornbread later on when the Mr arrives.

Right now I have the sauce from the wings and the shrimp mixed together and in the fridge. I am thawing out some steak and short beef ribs, and going to marinate the steak in the sauce and come up with a rub for the ribs.

I really need a few more crock pots. It is so easy to put dinner on in the morning and only have to clean up one dish.


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