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This Can’t Be Right….

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Who else is tired of being in a relationship? Or tired of being with the wrong people? Or tired of thinking that you can do better for them…or they can do better for you? Sucks shit right.

I see what you going through, your heart is breaking, your are depressed. You are angry, but you want to just move on and push it aside. Well it isn’t always that easy. It takes and you want to feel that love again…even if it isn’t true. But all that does is makes you more susceptible to getting hurt again.

You listening to the songs, you have tears coming down your eyes, you really, really angry, you want to wish the worst on them. But was it all their fault? Was it all your fault? Were you both to blame? Most people love to think that they are perfect and it is always the other person. That isn’t true. We are always blinded to our own actions.

Except me.

I KNOW I am a bitch, and being in a relationship with me, is difficult as shit. I won’t lower my standards, you either running with me, or you by yourself. I am not picking you up, putting everything that I am , to make you great and you just keep it moving without helping back. I refuse to put 100% in when you can barely counter with 50%. I am not easy to get to, for good reason, and my level of trust for people is at 2%. SO good luck.

Aren’t you tired of being blamed for shit you didn’t do, or could have done in their mind. Aren’t you tired of the rules in a relationship? Like since you are no longer single, you can’t have friends, you can’t stay up at night and talk to really good friends, because our society treats cheating as it is the best thing in the world. That you no longer know what it means to tell the truth and be honest to people anymore. People are lying more and it has become a way of life. When you tell lies after lies, just because you can…there is a problem.

At this point in my life…I’m in my (now) later 30’s and I am really done with all relationships. They have become pointless. And marriage is a joke, did that, twice, never again. No one is worthy of what I have to bring to the table. No dude or bitch. I am tired of them both, and whatever else lies in the middle. Everyone, or actually let me be fair, a good portion of people have become shit and ruin it for others around them.

I just rather fuck who I want to fuck, talk to people when I FEEL like it. I don’t want to be bothered with texting people everyday, hell I don’t even want to talk to them either. Yeah, it is that serious. Hey they brought it one themselves, so I am just obliging.

The only thing in my life that matters, are my parents, my spiritual progress, and my academic pursuits and career. That is all that should ever matter.

People no longer want to take the time to get to know one another, to talk, go out and eat and drink and just try to see what interests that other people have, without fucking. No one wants to invest time into people for a few years to get to really know them. It is all about we click, the sex good, they cool, bet let’s move in and build a life together and pray it works out. Nope, I am not doing that you again. If you can’t make that effort for a person that you are looking to get to know then just stick with the hoes and niggas, and fuckboys or whatever else you call these losers. It is plenty of them around, but it is not a lot of good people around anymore.

In a few I won’t be good either. When I set my mind to officially do me, shit is lost forever.

How are you Gay and Homophobic?

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This is something that has been made painfully obvious over the past few weeks. And I’m pretty sick of the dumb ass people who are bigots in their fucking community.

And it’s always which these raggedy, ratchet ass bitches! Man I don’t think the males have this many problems.

What is a lesbian? A female who likes females sexually right.
What is a bisexual? A male or female that likes both sexes right.
What is gay? A male who likes other men sexually right.
What is Pansexual? A person who is attractive to people no matter their gender right?
What’s a transgender? A person who’s born one sex but feels that they are the opposite sex right.


WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT THEY ARE!!!! They are people who are looking for that special person to love. Am I right?! Fuck yeah I’m right.

Over the past couple weeks I have seen the most ignorant shit in the so called “lesbian” community.

Who the fuck are you to call bisexual people bi nasty. Half you bitches look like Dr. Dre and Jerome from Martin. Walking around dressing like a dude, with a big ass fake dick in your pants, with your titties tied down. Man just admit it. You want to be a man so much that you are doing everything in your power to look like a nigga. In order to please your woman, you need a dick am I right? Because apparently your tongue and fingers isn’t good enough for her. Makes you feel a certain type of way doesn’t it? Be real with yourself. Now there are those androgynous boys and girls that are just fucking sexy as hell and they don’t discriminate. They are just them, and they are proud. They don’t judge.

I, for one hate these fake ass people in the LGBT community who have a problem with bisexual, transsexual and transgender people. What the fuck is your problem!! Are you mad that they are so true to themselves that they are not ashamed to be who they are intended to be. You dumb ass mother fuckers always hollering about God this and God that. But don’t you realize your God hate gays. Well at least that’s what is taught in your beautiful bible right? How can you possibly be a part of a religion that seeks to promote hate about you. They don’t want you to marry or have kids. Yet you go to church faking the funk, knowing damn well that if your God said don’t do it, your going to go to hell because you disobeyed him. And how many of y’all now for a fact that the church choir director is gay. Come on now, be real with yourselves people. If you are offended, then oh well…keep it moving.

I have a friend who I consider my sister and she’s transgender m2f and she is the most beautiful person in the world. She fights for rights, for all homosexuals to be equally. Yet I see the same dumb ass hoes who discriminate. Please. The Black gay community is probably the fucking worst community out there. There are simply too many bigots than it is of those who believe in equality for all. That’s why as a race we will never move forward. All we do is criticized, and discriminate. Against our own FUCKING PEOPLE!!!!!

What the hell has happened.

Think about all the females who have kids, and now they are gay. We’re they always gay, perhaps. And they probably had to conform for family or maybe other personal reasons. That doesn’t make them confused, that makes them brave for finding their voice and taking the steps to be happy with who they are. There are those who still can’t come out. And they don’t need to see the negativity or hatred in the communities that they are looking to for strength. Guys like guys. Chicks like chicks. Studs like studs. Fems like fems. Transgender like transgender. Transsexuals like transsexuals. Pansexual like Pansexual. And then we can have a myriad of combinations within those right there. Who gives a fuck what your preference is. You bitches are disgusting. How can you be so homophobic of your own people. Are you mad that you can’t grow your own dick, and that you have to keep buying yours on sell (thanks D for that one). Or are you mad that others are more comfortable than you are in, and with their sexuality, and with whom they can find attractiveness with, that you have to hate.

Or are you made that your homosexual sisters and brothers are braver than you. Can tell the whole world who they are, and how they will not be labeled or discriminated against.

And it’s only the real nigga looking bitches, but the ignorant as females who like playing with women who are homophobic.

We will never understand why people are like they are. But I know one thing is for sure. We are made in the creators image. You believe that don’t you? So you think your God is straight. Please I’m pretty sure your God has gotten fucked in the ass and sucked a few dicks in his day and felt nothing wrong with it. And he made you after him. That is why homosexuality appears in various species throughout the world. We are made after him. Only his people have decided to spread a message of hate instead of his message of love like he teaches. Remember his word was written down and interpreted by those who see a different vision than he did. It was written by man so it is flawed. Man is flawed, remember that.

Half you chicks hollering about not liking bisexual women, are the same bitches playing with your pussy thinking about a big dick. And where it’s either on another female, a dude, strapped to a chick or fucking you.

You females with seventeen baby daddies who are now gay, yeah right. I bet you take a look at your stud and that bitch look like your last baby daddy with a thick strap on for you. You just don’t have to worry about being pregnant again. I may be right, I may be wrong. But I bet you in right a good percentage too. Let’s not forget about the females who leave their stud because she decides to become more feminine. That means you are attractive to the male qualities of her, and not her as a whole.

I love women. I have since I was a child. I love men. I’m married to a man, and I am in a relationship with a couple. I’m poly and that is a whole nother blog post. But I can also love a man who likes both sexes, or a person who is neither sex yet both. It didn’t matter what the fuck is between the legs. The only thing that should matter is what is in the heart. Why would I date a women with a moustache and fake dick when I have my husband with a real one. Come on people. If me and my husband and couple part today than it happens. I will then get myself together and fall in love again. It could be a woman, it could be man, it could be a m2f/f2m, or a chick with a dick. It doesn’t matter because the heart and mental connection is what draws me. Not the outside persona.

And just because you been a lesbian for 40 years doesn’t mean you don’t get fucked by a real dick, or fuck a guy in the ass. It just means your outward appearance your all about women. Remember people lie and hide. There are some females who only love women, and want nothing to do with anything phallic shaped. There are women who love the mascualine qualities of both men and women, women who like the feminine qualities of both men and women. Who are we to judge? Only one that judges is God. And I am quite sure he isn’t among us.

How many of you are true to your sexuality?
How many of you are true to who you are as a person?
How many of you are happy with your life, content with who you are?
How many of you actually know what you are?
And how many of you are going to deny this author’s rightful opinion,┬ábecause your a bigoted bitch who’s confused and mad at those who are happy with themselves inside and out?
Or maybe you are offended because of the religious aspect of the article and discounted everything that was said?

The Black LGBT community needs to educate with in its own ranks. We need to stop the hatred amongst one another. Labels are man made so we can further divide ourselves. Note, I can only write on the Black community as they are my people, but I’m sure this struggle is within all races. And it needs to stop. Seriously. This bullshit need to come to an end. NOW!!!!

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