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Why do I have this much to do?

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Ahh, because it’s me that’s why lol. Always over achieving and trying to get everything in balance so I can easily get to it. So here’s what I will be going into the year with.

Color Chakra Healing
Man this ish right here, jeez. Been working on it for 2 1/2  years now. A note pad, a pack of paper, and a small journal later (bursting with extra papers, and stick it notes) I’m like redoing the whole damn thing. Ugh. It’s not where I want it to be right now. I mean I have my Anatomy & Physiology book, my Chemistry book and Molecular Biology book, Wheels of Life, and the Sekhem Heka book in the mix. Basically I’m trying to create the perfect chakra system. And these books help me though they are just not enough.  I’m just so sick and tired of the 7 or 13. Shit I’m at 250 and I am placing them into zones. There are Dieties connected to each sub point with one main Deity residing over each major point, which I think I have down to 25. Maybe. Then there are colors, and planetary aspects to each, not to mention I’m taking it out of the modern and trying to focus on the Ancient times. But got damn it, is a lot lol. But it’s worth it. Focusing on the inner, like the deepest part of you is what I’m going for. Haven’t found one system that is in-depth like I would like it. So I have to make my own. Sounds good to me.

Khemetic Immersion
So this year my Egyptian/Ancient Khemet (whatever you would like to call it), just jumped out there and was like, nope I’m first. So I have so much to do. I already have had my “initiation” to them October 2011 under the name Shay Serqet Nekhbet-Haratu. But I changed that name into something a lot more workable for me and still representing the Gods that allowed me to work with them. Always with the latter months projects start tip come through. Here I gravitated to a few Egyptian Deities. Mainly: Aset and Ausare of course, Bast, Sekhmet (duh, she’s my matron I better lol), Shay (appropriate for my name), Serqet (me being a Scorpio), Nephthys (having that mother/daughter relationship), Anpu (one of four guardians I have), Aupep (a guardian), Ptah and Nefertum (the rest of the Memphis trinity), Khepera (an attraction to beetles brought him to my mind), and Amen Ra. Whew. So I decided to modify and see where the connection lies. It settled with my Matron Sekhmet, and her triple goddess aspect with Het Hert and Bast; her trinity aspect with Ptah and Nefertum; Anpu and Serqet. That’s the main hierarchy I deal with. It’s helpful and they compliment one another. Though I will work with them all when needed. I have a 4″ D ring binder bursting with info on Egypt, a notepad, Planetary Magick (they have done good attunements with some Egyptian Deities), The Goddess Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun, The Temples of Light, Pathworking of the Egyptian Gods, and Initiation into Egyptian Yoga & Neterianism. All useful for what I’m liking to achieve for my personal working. And throughout all that I can sense the Vampiric side starting to become more of a presence. I work hard to control my urge with no donor, but give years, maybe longer, is to much to bear probably lol. It’s interesting and I’m enjoying my time with them all.

Daemonolatry Goetia
Our however you would like to put it. I know I have found a home in the Daemonaltry system and it compliments my Satanism perfectly. Since June 2011 and officially December 2011, I have been working my way through the 72. I have the Goetia Workbook, Daemonolaters Guide to Daemonic Magick, Complete Book of Demonolatry, and my two years of hundreds of pages of written information. Man it was difficult I was going through the Qlippoth (which technically I’m still in since I was told by Belial to do this when I was in the fourth sphere). It’s been a nerve racking journey but eye opening. I have a quarter of the first set of disks ready, and have a few dozens to create lol. But shit, I’ll be very knowledge. No matter how long it’ll take lol.

Priestess Training
Having a wonderful time with that from the Brotherhood.

Self Initiation
So I’m really digging the Daemonolatry path and decided with a Complete Book of Demonolatry I can work through that for a couple years or however long it will take me. I’m doing meditations and I have a good four months minimum of meditations, maybe six with the way they are going lol.

Side projects
A business venture with two of my sister’s and my brother that’s actually turning up some good ideas. Awesome ideas. Helping with my sister’s website, pages and groups; teaching classes, my own page and websites.

Plus I’m still in Pharmacy Technician school and looking at another schooling. Perhaps community college again because it’s going to take some money to get my degree lol.


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Unit B is done!

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So after like I don’t know, six months maybe I finally was able to complete my second unit in my Makeup Artistry Course.

I attend a correspondence course in Mastery of Makeup. Once I got out the service and was introduced to makeup I enrolled into Cosmetology school and I wanted more training. I’m addicted to the YouTube clips of the females who do makeup. Those chicks are talented. I follow a lot of them.

I have four more units to go. My problem is I had no models. Them hoes backed out because I didn’t want to go to a damn play party. Screw that. My education and advancement will always come before dick and pussy. I swear people are misguided nowadays.

Either way I am excited about my next course. Granted I think I do wonderful makeup and once I have my website set up perfectly it will be linked in. I am still working on it I didn’t forget. You have to see the woman behind the crazy all inclusive blog sometime.

Oh, and before I forget. I attend QC Makeup Academy based in Silver Spring, MD. They do have tutors and give you feedback via mp3. You can call to talk to them as well and Makeup is just one of the many courses they offer. Shameless plug for a school I love 🙂

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Hi I’m a Biotechnician…naw R&D Technician is easier to explain

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This is where I have found everything that I have been looking for. In 2010 I went to school for Biotechnology, got my certification and worked for the USDA. I enjoyed every part of my job. The hours where lovely as I made my own schedule. I love the fact that would go from chemical engineering, to polymer manufacturing, to environmental chemistry and then back to microbiology within a week. It just thrilled me the diversity I had in that job.

In school it was a whole nother ballpark. I found myself being drawn to genomics, cloning, bio manufacturing and cellular and molecular biology. My first couple weeks in class and we learned about cloning the pro’s and cons and how it is done and to perfect it in a way. It was to fascinating to me, and I can see myself becoming that scientist in the movie Splice. Not the B rated movie, but the one that went to theaters with the two scientist and the creature they found and raised. No spoiler alert here trust me. Between that and Gattaca, those had to be the best biotech movies that have came out.

In school we had a good course load, a vocational school with hands on experience the entire ten months plus a six week externship.

I learned a great deal in that time including how to make cheese and apple juice. Needless to say after that I brought and made fresh juice home and will only eat organic cheese. It was amazing and makes you think what in the world you know. With the knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, DNA isolation and analysis, protein isolation and analysis, assay development, , protein assays, recombinant protein production, protein product purification and analysis, plant breeding, plant cloning, making DNA molecules, advanced protein studies and countless more I had a very good load.

We had a student who had received her BA in Biology come to the school and we asked her why is she here. She said the entire time she was in college she never touches a beaker or did any hand on works. The scary part is that its true. My professors and advisors said they didn’t get hands on experience until their graduate year and that is pretty sad.

Another bad thing is, with out a degree I am virtually unhireable. I have been told that I meet the qualifications and have the experience but they would rather take a person with a degree (theory) over someone with just practical applications. So imagine a lab full of Master Degree students who have no clue what any of the equipment is because they never seen them.

This is another way or society is just going rampant nuts. They focus more on theory than practical. You have a lot of dumb people who are wonderful in theory, but can’t put shit together to say their life , and vice versa. Just because you have graduated with a 4.0 means nothing.

What it does mean is that you were the best in your class at memorizing the material. Think about that. The more you memorize the easier it is to train you.

Will I still go to college and get a degree? Yes I will. Why? Because a BA is almost equivalent to a HS diploma, and it won’t be long before fast food restaurants will like to know how any credits you have before you flip that burger. Education is becoming mandatory, even if we can’t afford to pay it back. That is the scariest thing.

All in all the Biotechnology program I was in peaked my interest enough in that I have a very clear point in what I am looking to major in.


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