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Teaching Classes

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I will be doing more classes this year. I am staying away from the intro classes, mainly because there are thousands of newbie websites from Wiccans, and thousands of groups teaching the basics that I  just will not teach. I focus more on the higher level classes, in which you work with blood, you work with your bodily fluids, and you can travel pretty damn well without having to be monitored. Why? Because I do not want to be responsible for people fucking up and being scared, and that in the past, has drained the shit out of me, and I will not do it again.

I have classes lined up for my groups and Orgs, and face it, writing up lesson plans are hard as shit. They require a lot of time, and I am tired of people pissing off my hard work because they just don’t give a fuck, or they feel the efforts are not there’s and they drop off. I don’t care if I have one student in a class, which I have had before, but this shit is stopping.

My time has become shorter and free time is not as available as I would like it to be. So my way of teaching, and how I teach, and the fee will now be imposed. I don’t have time for people to play me and deal with their shit. It is a drain on me honestly.

I do look forward to working with my new student and teaching again, as the material is revamped and it is a bitch to do lol. Mainly because as a teacher I am a hard ass.

#domagick, 2 more days

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I can not wait to get into these workings. I have a few more pages to finalize before I jump into the work. Tonight I will be doing a tarot spread over my body to confirm the problem areas, and to see what else may be deeper that I may be missing.

The stretches I am still deciding on, and I have a few more I need to decided on, and do. I may not do 4 different poses for the four days, I think, well I know that by me having such busy days, I will most likely be doing one, maybe 2, and holding the position for at least a few minutes if I can.


I can’t wait to see how my body will change during these 28 days. I will be charting my progress in the ability to hold the position the difficulty level, and how I feel after wards, along with tracking my deeper progress with tarot spreads for each chakra.

Really looking forward to this next challenge.

Male Gods of My Pantheon

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Here are the Big Dogs in my life. The ones I see as father’s, brothers, and lovers. Those who have been with me as long as the Goddesses, and always are there for me. They just as harsh, but I find the Women  more brutal lol.








Inaukhem (personal)










Michael (a severe love and hate relationship)











The guys are pretty damn hefty compared to the women, but the women pack a serious punch lol. The males are more fatherly, even though Belial scared the shit out of me the first time I contacted him, Eury as well. I was like of fuck this shit, I am not dealing with them lol.


But a couple of years later, I manned up and went back to connecting and now I have a really good and close relationship with Belial. And yes you read, are reading it right; there are 4 Angels listed. I really don’t give a fuck where they come from, and yeah me and Michael but heads severely, bad enough for me to have an allergic reaction, but when you want things done, and need to get them done, it doesn’t matter who it is, for the most part that is. They are all the Divine, even though there are a few pantheons I will never fuck with, I do work with a lot of Deities from different sects.

The main Dark Gods I work with and have a good relationship with are Leviathan (my Patron), Thanatos, Belial, Bael, Beezlebub (my guardian), Apophis (another Guardian).

Every day my working and dedication to my deities become more expansive, and deep. I honor them the best way I can, and I make sure I give them daily offerings. As time goes on I know others will come and some will move away. But that is our working and it is never anything personal, how can it be. They are here to watch all their children succeed and bring that Godhood out of them, to connect to the spiritual divine we seem to lose every now and again.

I have an altar to them but I plan on making more altars, just to show my love and adoration for what they have shown me, and how they have helped me along in my life and practices. I do this for the Dark Goddesses, and for the Dark Gods as well.

Female Goddess of my Pantheon

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I fuck with a lot of Dark Goddesses. I can’t help it, I am a lovable person lol.

Nah, but for real though. When I was younger, around 3-7 Lilith, Hecate, The Morrigan, Persephone, and Rhiannon was around me, maybe even a little later than that.

download (8)

Through out my practices I found myself working with quite a hefty array of Goddesses, from all different pantheons, cultures, however you want to call it. It has been fun and rewarding, as well as physically exhausting and hurtful. Lilith and Hecate like to throw books at me, mainly because I am hardheaded. Or a bitch slap out of a sleep, whatever gets me awake at that moment lol. My list is not that long to me I feel.








Kali Ma





Quan Yin





The Morrigan and her triple aspects



They each have helped me when I was going on different paths of my practices. When I needed them, or strength they called out to me, or I called to them which was around Helping me when I ask, and i always make sure they are honored. I cannot wait to get my dark goddess altar set up.

The main women, or feminine energy I work with is Lilith (my spiritual mother), Sekhmet (my Matron) and Hecate (my adoptive spiritual mother). They each hold a place in my heart and they have helped me to see more of myself than I ever have before. And for that I am forever grateful. I serve them with respect and love at all times. With heavy hitters like this, how can you not. They will either break you, or make you realize who you are, they don’t play around with the weak and those who are scared to work with them. They don’t like pussy ass women, and they will devour you if you are to weak to call on them. I have seen people scared of Sehkmet, but want her protection but can’t meet her eye to eye. You can’t be afraid when you are one with these energies.

download (7)


Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype by Temple of Ascending Flame

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I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced. Lilith is, after all my Spiritual Mother. I also contributed to this work, which is on page 17 (shameless plug). I just finished reading it this morning and I loved it all. I will actually go through the rituals during my sign of Scorpio. What better way to work with Lilith then during the time of Scorpio.

So let’s jump right in. This book comes in hardcover and paper book, 162 pages, with the rest being a list of books available which I always love when authors include them. There are 19 essays, rituals, poems, experiences, and guided meditations in this book. They are very wonderful in just reading, Plus you get to get a feel of each practitioner and how they related to the goddess, feel their experience and then try their rituals out for yourself. I will only point out a few of the rituals.

Fire and Lust by Asenath Mason and Rev Bill Duvendack brings you into the world of Lilith and her consort, one of many, Asmodeus (who is my spiritual Father so I was really excited when I was reading this). The invocation of these two will have your creative juices really rolling when you engage in this ritual. It can be done alone or with a partner, and the energy that is amassed and utilized in a productive manner will bring a lot of fruition to those performing it.

The Vase of Lilith by Nemo V, is a ritual that brings or pulls in the energy of Lilith with each offering giving. I actually decided to try a small version of it today. It worked out perfectly!

Invocation of Lilith bu Katie Anderson is a beautiful ritual to connect to that fire deep within, and Lilith helps you to release it. This ritual was very beautiful and so is the picture that she created as well.

Black Moon Lilith by Mike King is an invocation in becoming one with the Goddess and having her show you exactly what is needed to help you grow. When she joins with you, you will never be able to look at the world again in the same light, and that is worth it in itself.

There are a quite a few more rites, rituals both 7 and 5 days, and path workings, and even more with essays of deep knowledge about Lilith, and her mysterious origins. Reading the poems and the experiences that these practitioners have had with Lilith and how they communicate with her, is a feeling that I cannot put into words.

I already do my own workings with Mother, but I can’t wait to give the rituals and path workings in this book a run through. I schedule my workings and so I have enough time to get the materials and can actually have time for them. So this I will be looking forward to towards the Veil becoming thinner.

5 out of 5 as this is a complete grimoire of workings that will keep you busy for a few.

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