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Tarot Challenge Day 9

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What should I be aware of?
III, The Empress. I should be aware of the inner me and how she carries hersrlf. How she moves me into places without my knowing so I can be the better person that I know I am. She is the drive that propels me.

How do they help me?

Queen of Cups. Having that mastered hand on my emotions will allow the Empress to do what she need to do. To handle all situations that are starting to come up, and help me change my way of thinking. I am th flow of water that can wear anything down. I flow around obstacles and I can make anything mine. It’s all about me and what I know I can do.


Tarot Challenge Day 6

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What I need to let go of?
Prudence, 8 of disks. This has to be how I am in the lab and in situations where I have no control and just have to do what I consider subpar work. Though I’m told all the times it isn’t I do act this way and it is a flat of mine. But I strive for perfection so I have to try to do what needs to be done the way others want it and save the perfectionist for my own personal research and development .

Why did need to let it go?

Prince of Wands. My hit temper and determination to get things done in the way I see is off putting. I will have others feel like I know more than them when I dobt, I just have a mind for organization and productivity that automatically starts calculations and moving things around . I see the possibilities and I just go in an excuse them. Again it will be difficult to dial it down, but it will be held onto unless I am expressed asked, or when I have my own lab and area, and my own production .

How long did I hang on to this?

13, The Devil. For freaking ever lmao! It’s in my DNA and I will let go of the rigns, but the devil in me continues to play the advocate when people need to step their shit up.

Tarot Challenge Day 4

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What will I learn this month?
Trumps,  10 of Fortune.  There are some very unique and eye opening opprtunities that will help you get the umph back in your life. A long road but it’s worth it.

How will this aid me in the near future?

Strife, 5 of wands. In times that may be difficult you will be able to burst through them with minimum problems, and come out unscathed. Don’t let it bring youbdown, it’s only a bother small bump.

Octoner Tarot Challenge Day 2

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What will this month bring?

Princess of cups. The ebb and flow of water has my emotions on edge. There is much that will be thrown at me, but I have those behind me that can help me wade through the thickness

How will it affect me?
Prince if Swords. This will have my temper flaring, and cutting people quickly like it did today. I need to be wiser in the battles that I deal with. The people around me will draw that side out of me and it’s up to me to block the ignorance and focus on what’s in front of me  my emotional connection to triggers that people push. Needs to be addresses and worked on.

October Tarot Challenge Day 1

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In my AA tarot group they came up with a tarot challenge for the month of October. Which is awesome because I do want to get to know my Thoth deck a little better. So I’ll share my cards and interpretation here.

 Who am I?

Princess of wands. I am fire. I am a woman who has a very driven passion, always been driven in areas that reward my soul and my life’s purpose. They fuel the fire that burns in my heart, the scorch marks of my footprints that are left when I walk. Freedom.

What brought me to this point?

Prince of wands. More fire lol. The direction and what I have experienced has made sure that I stayed on this oath, no matter what bumps were in my way. The will, the determination has never slowed down. It will continue to build.

My deck for the month and my draw. Each day I will draw a different number of cards depending on the question asked, and if I feel the need to ask more questions.

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