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#domagick Day 27

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The almagated self. 

Self is God. I am Self. I  am God. 

This meditation was really short. But it got straight to the point. I am a God. I am stronger than my parts. I am whole. I need to set a plan to put my practices more in the now, making sure I’m devoting a good amount of time without neglecting anything or anyone. Balance. This meditation was about balance. He, and I have no idea who he is, but I know his face but I can’t describe him. But it was deeply noted what needed to be done and that everything happens for a reason. All I can do is move on and make next year mine.
No card was drawn.

October Tarot Challenge Day 1

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In my AA tarot group they came up with a tarot challenge for the month of October. Which is awesome because I do want to get to know my Thoth deck a little better. So I’ll share my cards and interpretation here.

 Who am I?

Princess of wands. I am fire. I am a woman who has a very driven passion, always been driven in areas that reward my soul and my life’s purpose. They fuel the fire that burns in my heart, the scorch marks of my footprints that are left when I walk. Freedom.

What brought me to this point?

Prince of wands. More fire lol. The direction and what I have experienced has made sure that I stayed on this oath, no matter what bumps were in my way. The will, the determination has never slowed down. It will continue to build.

My deck for the month and my draw. Each day I will draw a different number of cards depending on the question asked, and if I feel the need to ask more questions.

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