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28 Day Working Day 21

Posted in Rituals and Workings with tags , , , , , on 04/15/2017 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Goetia is getting very hot lol, and I will be completely done with this 2 year working in August, on time just like it was originally planned when I signed up for the class. See…just because you have a few hiccups doesn’t mean you quit, you just come back and bust your ass and get it done.

The tarot cards are getting low, not that many more to go. A full write up of my interpretations along with pictures of the cards will be posted in 5 parts. The Necronomicon is just a beautiful deck of cards, I swear.

I will be making sure I am honoring my divinities with their celebrations, I have been majorly lazy and slacking off because of it. But I will be getting better, that is all you can do is improve yourself over time.

I will finally get back to putting up book reviews, I have 4 already written out, just haven’t had the chance to post them yet, but I will be doing more in depth reviews than what I have been.  I just felt like I haven’t been giving my all like I should have. So that is going to change.

7 more days and I will be down, and getting ready to hit my mundane life again. So let’s get it kracken!!!!!!


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