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#domagick The Lock and Key

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This morning my candles shown brightly more than I have ever seen it do so far. The light that extended was just amazing. Doing my yoga pose, I felt and heard and saw the alignment of my three hearts, heard them lock and saw the bright pink slash just go through them. I felt peace, I felt relaxation. I know what I have to do to maintain this feeling and move forward, The New Moon spread correlates to my Heart chakra spread and it always leads me on a good path. Tomorrow is the throat and I can’t wait to see what needs to be said.

#domagick The Heart wants what it wants

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I honestly am dreading this tarot spread lol. I know my heart chakras need alignment. I know there are things that are weighing heavy on my heart that I need to let go, and things that I need to embrace.

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This is the pose that I am doing and man doe sit open up the chakra to get right. When I was going into this new yoga pose, I was sleeping trying to figure out which pose would be right. I think and felt the pressure in this. I felt the cracking of my chest and I knew this was the right one.

This morning I was thinking of the chakra again and saw the word BAEL and a pink slash right after it. I took that as a sign to work with Bael, focus on his energy while I do this working for the next 3 days.

My tarot spread wasn’t as brutal as I was thinking it would be. I do have an abundance of love, and gentleness being given towards me, along with a very loving protectiveness that surrounds me all the time. I do need to let go some fights that aren’t worth it, because the energy is against me and there are some lessons that would be better for me NOT to learn , or there will be problems later on down the line. In understanding what unconditional love is I have to learn that broken promises, and unfulfilled promises may be delayed, if not left all together. Just because I won’t have everything I feel , doesn’t mean I am not loved. Love is compromise, love is meeting the person halfway, and then moving forward together. Disappointment is a part of life, and that also includes how you love and who you love.  You either in it all the way or you are not. So the spread was more reassuring and comforting. I felt them align and I have some work to do, like with the others, and I look forward to it.

I really walked that?

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So I try to get healthier not skinny. I love my curves, I like my shape and getting better living my body. I just want to firm up, get my legs back in shape, tighten my arms and firm the booty, flatten the belly. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t need to be a size 0 or an 8. He’ll, I’m a 16 and would love being back in a 12/14 again. Not looking to relive my military days, I was skinny enough back then.

So I walked two hours and fifteen minutes, from 50th street to 22nd street south. And back again. Pass the University of Penn, the college, hospital and the stadium. Pass Drexel University and 30th street station and back home again. Once I got to 39th street I’m like fuck it, let’s keeping going.

It was refreshing, and invigorating. I could do that twice a week for a long work out, and two other days a short walk, then the rest of the days I can stretch, do some other cardio and yoga work.

Note of course there is eating. Now I’m not going to lie, I tried vegan, vegetarian, and all those bogus ass “diets”. Then I realized, fuck that. I eat what I like how I like. So I was thinking that yesterday I made turkey tacos with corn tortillas, that today I would make baked potatoes with real bacon pieces, Chili, cheese with a side of turnip greens. I’m out of sour cream and chives so I have to do with out today. Not completely meatless but not slathered with tons of meat. I try to not drink sodas during the summer time so I have some sweet tea ready. He’ll if I had a beer or cooler it would be right with me, but not running to the store for that lol.

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