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#domagick Day 6

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Today was the beginning of my work with The Council. I connected to my House, and at a large wood table in front of me where the 3 heads of the House. Behind me, also sitting at wood tables where the council. They were divided into 2, 4 on each side.

The amount of approval and love that I was feeling from them was very overwhelming. I have came a long way, I have struggled, I have fucked up, and I have crashed and burn. But I always got back up and got better. I am at that point now. I am more full of love and confidence, and respect than I ever have been. But don’t get it twisted, this sweetheart will still fuck you up. I have a mean excretion arm. I’m still a Dark Magician. Who says a Daemonalter/Satanist,  Blood Chaos,  Necromancer can’t be bathed in pink and enjoy cartoons all day lol.

The Council gives me the most in depth working ever. After all I start with the 8 of them, and they are some heavy hitters.

I’ve become whole, I’ve been able to let my guard down and a facade that has protected me due to my own lack of confidence.  Not anymore. I have all the cconfidence right now, and I am building up more and more through my own faith in myself, my workings and my relationships. There is nothing like having a partner that supports you, grows with you, helps you, you learn from them and vice versa, and is honest with you. You can’t find that nowadays and it’s a blessing to find one that is on the same path as me. That has ideas bigger than mine. After all he created the House and every working I’m doing for these 30 days. The couple that works together, stays together lol.

My card draw for today.

I am not even going to describe it or give my interpretation.  It speaks for itself.

#domagick Day 2

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Today I worked with Belial. We have evolved into having a wonderful connection over the years. I remember in 2010 I think I approached him and he told me to go away, come back when I was more confident. He scared the shit out of me.  But 2 years later I was back, and now he is one of the first and closest Daemons I work with. I have nothing but love and respect for him, and I enjoy our interactions.

I away of fire and water, a beautiful combination and he fuels that firey side of myself. My guardians and those I work with are a mic of fire and water. Even though he’s more Earthy fire, he still gives me though that foundation and drive of my creativeness and passion. 

Belail is 1 of 3 main Daemons that I work with in though House of Baal (see my post 2 days ago). The House is an Earth Kingdom, my Mate is Air and I am equal Fire and Water, so you see we blend perfectly and we compliment what we need to be whole and in balance.  My working meditation with him went as follows, which is normal.

I grabbed my journal, and opened to his Blood Dedication page. I lit a red taper candle, Dragons Blood incense and sandalwood incense. I vibed the House Chant, and I said his enn. I added a few drops of blood on his page and proceeded to have a nice conversation with him. That 30 min felt like hours and I really didn’t want to leave. It’s like talking to your grandfather, the wisdom that he can impart on you can really make an impact if you are one to work your ass off and not wait for things to come to you. 

Since I am also a diviner, I pulled a Divination card. It’s Poised.  This card i pulled says to me that you are on the right path. You have achieved the perfect balance, you know what you need,  your confidence is aparent and a new phase of life is beginning. This is the moment when new things arrive and you arrive finally ready for them. As far as relationships go I am happy and confident in my own skin, and my personal relationship is ready for that deeper intimacy while my friendships are arrive in true harmony and I’m truly free to give and receive frim the heart. I have felt a stronger boost in my confidence since my birthday 19 days ago (Scorpio by the way), and in the way I’m seeing and approaching the newness of this rebirth.  My confidence will lead me to that new venture and I am ready to receive new information and new beginnings. 

I feel secure, I feel stronger, I feel confident in me; in my life; in my relationship with humans, Entities, nonhumans, and everything in between and anything beyond. 

28 Day Workings Day 20

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Man not that many days left now. Even as I write this, I have done a shitload of workings, and have gotten pretty damn far with divine. I have read books that I have been forgetting, I have picked up projects that were half finished, or completed and just not worked through. But now, I am caught up for the most part and I have enjoyed the time I have had with my progress.

Today is my 6 day Posiedon Ritual from the ToAF. Intense but hell, you can’t do a working if you don’t push yourself.

I read the Kemetic Diet by Muata Ashby, and it was interesting. Got some hints and tips, learned something new, updated other material so I am happy. I also have the master cleanse as I wanted to make sure I was doing for my body and my mind this break.

I am coming to a stopping point, but this won’t be the end.

Elemental Balancing

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Ok so we all know that to be while we should win working with elements everyday for life basically. And what I mean by that is we should be bending like fire, moving like water, knocking like earth, and floating like air to join with our spirit. We work with the elements we don’t control them.

Do you know the elements your strong in or what you lack? Not sure how to find out? Look at your natal chart, an in-depth chart, and take a look at the Zodiac signs. 12 signs will tell you how you flow.

To much of any element is not good as you will have a tendency to be in the negative ways of the sign, or your overcompensating in that sign to make you feel whole. It isn’t good anyway you look at. So the key is to balance by working with the elementals themselves, the elements themselves, and/or the elemental Divine.

In my natal chart I am heavy in Air, equal in water and fire, and low on Earth. So on my elemental balancing rituals I so not work with Air? Unless I’m checking the balance of it with Amaymon or Lucifer. I’m working with the Divine in addition to the physical element at the same time. I have my workings schedule with the zodiac time through out the year as to not overwhelm myself withy other ritual workings, school studies, and my normal wifey duties 🙂

Three weeks ago I worked with the elemental Earth Divines (Belial, Agares, Valefor and Belphegore) in a meditation ritual to ground my self. Since I lack Earth, that was a perfect time to start and the timing was perfect. My crystal is charged, the Daemonoc wood chips I created a while back are being put to use. When I need that extra umph, I have a few things I can take with me to help me out. And after the Fire and Water balancings are done (they are equal but still lower than my air), I will be able to have three items I can carry with me (since I’m overflowing with air) to be a balanced person all the time.

And from there you will start to see a shift on your spiritual field, your physical view of the world and a mental shift. I believe that when we are harmonious with the Universe we are harmonious with one another.

There are plenty of elemental books out in circulation. You can use those or you can design your own. I did a combination of both. As I ALWAYS re write any ritual or spell I use from a book. I almost never use the spell they way they use it. It’s all apart of growing and relying on your own mind strength to guide you.

I hope this helps everyone. Good luck working with the elements.

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