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#domagick  Day 18

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“I submit to the energy, I submit to the power.” My chant for this days meditation.
Here I connected to the Pantheon of my House. In a room with them at a table, and they all walked up to bless me. All 14 of them.

Working with my moon flow seems to bring even more powerful visions and feelings and sensations.  When I was walking to this room, I was smelling heavy sandalwood on the walls, no doubt my sandalwood incense was being amplified in this working. The walls were moist but warm, no lights but you knew exactly where to go. My King was at the top table, the others surrounding him and all facing me. They each spoke to me, offering wisdom and guidance. A blessing, a mark on the forehead and another whisper.

I raised my head up, my hands palms up and recited the chant from the opening of this blog. I felt 2 beams of yellow light go through my hands, then reflect back up into my arms and through my body.  Hitting all my chakra points and then some, and then pouring straight out of my third eye and my crown. They all raised their hands, opened their mouths and beams of light, different colors, some elemental light, and it combined with my light, and then it all just turned down and shot back through my body and just absorbed within me.

“You are the energy, you are the power.”

And just like that, the mediation was done. I wonderful 35 min.

 I drew 4 cards. To Be Fair, Between Worlds protection pose, Exchanging Gifts protection pose and All That Glitters. To be honest these cards don’t need explaining, but I will sum them up. 

The first card wants me to give equal footing to those I am connected with. The second card wants be to think ad be aware of what lies ahead. The third card wants me to not give so much of myself while the fourth cards tells me that all that glitters is not gold.


Energy Breathing

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Energy Breathing

Something that takes no time can be a good hassle to start. My teacher was showing me the way I was energy breathing was incorrect. I was doing it backwards.

My friend always tells me that when I am breathing in, that it the time I should be pulling energy into my body/drawing on the energy I already have. When I exhale, I am circulating that energy throughout my body, my chakras, my aura, my being.

Everyday now I make sure I am doing my energy breathing. Every time I think of it, I am breathing in energy, and exhaling circulating the energy. They say it takes 21 days to start a habit. The hardest thing is to make it the first 7 days through. It pays off. I feel better, am starting to become more aware and sensitive to energy.

This is a habit that is worth starting up. It works for me. Try it and see how it works for you.

(c) Rev Keona

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