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#domagick  Day 18

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“I submit to the energy, I submit to the power.” My chant for this days meditation.
Here I connected to the Pantheon of my House. In a room with them at a table, and they all walked up to bless me. All 14 of them.

Working with my moon flow seems to bring even more powerful visions and feelings and sensations.  When I was walking to this room, I was smelling heavy sandalwood on the walls, no doubt my sandalwood incense was being amplified in this working. The walls were moist but warm, no lights but you knew exactly where to go. My King was at the top table, the others surrounding him and all facing me. They each spoke to me, offering wisdom and guidance. A blessing, a mark on the forehead and another whisper.

I raised my head up, my hands palms up and recited the chant from the opening of this blog. I felt 2 beams of yellow light go through my hands, then reflect back up into my arms and through my body.  Hitting all my chakra points and then some, and then pouring straight out of my third eye and my crown. They all raised their hands, opened their mouths and beams of light, different colors, some elemental light, and it combined with my light, and then it all just turned down and shot back through my body and just absorbed within me.

“You are the energy, you are the power.”

And just like that, the mediation was done. I wonderful 35 min.

 I drew 4 cards. To Be Fair, Between Worlds protection pose, Exchanging Gifts protection pose and All That Glitters. To be honest these cards don’t need explaining, but I will sum them up. 

The first card wants me to give equal footing to those I am connected with. The second card wants be to think ad be aware of what lies ahead. The third card wants me to not give so much of myself while the fourth cards tells me that all that glitters is not gold.


#domagick Day 17

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The Power of the Woman 
This is a very powerful time. A New Moon, all my planets in a Fire sign, Lilith being very prominent, and me on my Moon flow. Can’t get more connected than that. If it wasn’t for my boo giving me an astrological talk, I would have missed this opportunity. 

I am in a desert, in a white dress, with gold cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I am standing with my legs apart. I feel a pull in my womb, and look down and see the blood flowing from me into a river of my own power. The smell of iron is strong in the air. The river is a beautiful rich red color, just teaming with power and connection to the tribe of Ashanti Demi Godz.

I try to figure out do I move, do I not? I decide to step away from the river, I look back and I see I am still standing there. I nod to myself and continue to walk towards the flow of the river. The blood dripping down my thigh is gathering around my foot causing me to leave these bloody and sandy footprints, right next to the river of my flow. I reached the end and see more rivers of flow and my sister’s standing at the edge with me. We jump off and plunge deep into an ocean of womanly power.  The blood is so thick it tints all of our hair a burgundy color. We leave the ocean of blood and walk towards the HPS. I participate in a ritual that I will not share, and I am giving a task to add it my daily workings.

I have never felt so powerful and connected to my tribe than I do right now.

I picked the card, actually I was told to pick the 1st card. It will not be explained, but it is in protection pose.

Full Supermoon in Gemini

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Within this rite I connected not only to the Fill moon but the powers of Gemini and Mercury, with guidance from Anpu. One he’ll of a connection right. But it blends and work’s perfectly. What I felt and saw was amazing and it already has me thinking and main new plans. 

I also drew a spread which we all know is bound to happen. This is only the first part. The second part will be dream workings and to see what else needs to be revealed to me. And other things I may need to clarify with my walking with Anpu tonight. 

My draw. 

8 of swords. There are ways in which the world blows certain situations towards me. I need to not let myself be entsngled in the bs and cut the nonsense down with the quickness.

7 of cups. The knowledge from the divine glows within me. The Water side will let me understand what is worth a fight and what is not. I stay the course, be open and raw with myself and open to their gyidance. Drink when I need to not when I want to.

XVI tower. All I need is to open up and let that spark light my blood. The moment is upon me.

5 of wands. Knocking down any and all insecurities of my power and igniting the passion of my fire temple from within. Perfect balance with my water side to achieve the needed harmony.

Knight of disks. A connection  Of foundational energy within the magickal context of my path that will extend and add more depth and richness to my physical and career paths, since they entwine with one another. 

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