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#domagick Preparation for February

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Next month I will be doing chakra yoga to better cleanse and work on my chakras. You know, get them spinning and all the good stuff. Knock the dust off of them. I found a few websites that deal with positions, that I found already in my book, but there is nothing wrong with having a lot of information to arm yourself.


Chakra Balancing

Chakra Aligning

Balancing your Chakras

I plan on using these and my own research to really do some cleansing and connection with my Chakras. I also will be doing tarot spreads to connect with them and help pin point what needs to be worked on and focused on a little more.


I will also doing chakra spreads through out the month, I know I have mentioned this before. I have 9 spreads that I will be doing. A total body before, the 7 chakras and then another full body after. See how my progression has been going.

I am a little to excited. Lol!

Energy Breathing

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Energy Breathing

Something that takes no time can be a good hassle to start. My teacher was showing me the way I was energy breathing was incorrect. I was doing it backwards.

My friend always tells me that when I am breathing in, that it the time I should be pulling energy into my body/drawing on the energy I already have. When I exhale, I am circulating that energy throughout my body, my chakras, my aura, my being.

Everyday now I make sure I am doing my energy breathing. Every time I think of it, I am breathing in energy, and exhaling circulating the energy. They say it takes 21 days to start a habit. The hardest thing is to make it the first 7 days through. It pays off. I feel better, am starting to become more aware and sensitive to energy.

This is a habit that is worth starting up. It works for me. Try it and see how it works for you.

(c) Rev Keona

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