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Full Supermoon in Gemini

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Within this rite I connected not only to the Fill moon but the powers of Gemini and Mercury, with guidance from Anpu. One he’ll of a connection right. But it blends and work’s perfectly. What I felt and saw was amazing and it already has me thinking and main new plans. 

I also drew a spread which we all know is bound to happen. This is only the first part. The second part will be dream workings and to see what else needs to be revealed to me. And other things I may need to clarify with my walking with Anpu tonight. 

My draw. 

8 of swords. There are ways in which the world blows certain situations towards me. I need to not let myself be entsngled in the bs and cut the nonsense down with the quickness.

7 of cups. The knowledge from the divine glows within me. The Water side will let me understand what is worth a fight and what is not. I stay the course, be open and raw with myself and open to their gyidance. Drink when I need to not when I want to.

XVI tower. All I need is to open up and let that spark light my blood. The moment is upon me.

5 of wands. Knocking down any and all insecurities of my power and igniting the passion of my fire temple from within. Perfect balance with my water side to achieve the needed harmony.

Knight of disks. A connection  Of foundational energy within the magickal context of my path that will extend and add more depth and richness to my physical and career paths, since they entwine with one another. 

Full Moon Spread Day 9

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Isn’t it beautiful. I wanted this up first because this spread is all about strength, progress and confirmation for me. As I was drawing these cards I felt the pull, I felt the tingle and I felt that these where right on the money. I have kept people closer to me, I have let things go and I have focused on what is right and needed.

This spread has 1 water, 3 earth, 2 fire and 1 trump card.

Questions asked where:

Things that you should be releasing?

Things that you should be keeping close?

Things that are coming into your life

How the world is affecting you.

What you should be giving to others.

Something new that will begin soon.

What you should be learning at this point.

May’s Workings

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So I broke down my 245 day working into months. It works easier as school is taking up so much of my time that I know I will be switching up and changing things. Seeing what fits and seeing what doesn’t. So here is a tentative breakdown:

Sundays: Daemonaltry/Goetia

Mondays: CC

Tuesdays: Draconian/Serpentine

Wednesdays: Elemental/Divination/Chakra Workings

Thursdays: Psychic Workings

Fridays: Ifa/Vodoun/ATR

Saturdays: Free day

Pretty hectic, but hey I know what I am doing for those days so it isn’t as much as you may think. I still do my daily prayers and visualizations. I have a Coven ritual to do, actually 2 of them. There is a full and new moon ritual, and 4 rituals to my Matron, Patron, the All, and my Guardians. I have roughly 15 days of meditations to do. That’s about it lol.

30 days. Lets see how this goes.



28 Day Working Day 16

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This is the full moon I have been waiting on. It is also my friends 33rd birthday! Talk about a special day, in a special month, for a very hardworking woman.

Now this full moon ritual is very extensive, and something I have never done before, but I get tired of the stagnant effort that I would normally give during the full moon. So this is dedicated to Selene and it is a dosey.

The goetia is coming up quickly and I do either blood, food, carvings or energy infusion to the divine, depending on what they would prefer.

On to the next….

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