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Wortcunning for Daemonolatry by S. Connolly

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20160323_090622It has taken me forever to get this review up but it is finally up so here we go…

This book is for those who have a love of gardening and a flair for alchemy. If you don’t like either, then leave this book to those who do.

So we have moved past the introduction and into the first chapter which is Working with Plants. It gives you the basic guidelines in how not to harm the plants when picking them, dealing with poisonous plants and the normal warnings. Now for me personally, I am allergic to 23 varieties of grass, 20 types of trees and life itself (recently), so yeah I have to severely modify what I can do and live through my mother who I am giving this book to when she starts her garden in a couple weeks.

Next is the Herbalist’s Tool & Pantry, it gives you a rundown of items that you need to purchase and store separate from your regular kitchen tools. The preparation for harvesting the plants are written in great detail and laid out easily in front of you.

Making Oils/Oleums Philtres, and the Teas, Elixirs, and Tinctures chapters are basically your meat and potatoes, in understanding how to make what you need without burning yourself or screwing up or even killing yourself. It states throughout the book not to drink poisonous mixes, so if you do and die, well you were warned dumb ass. Now my favorite method in this section is the salves and sprays, as this will be how I will do a lot of my mixes. Having that quick Daemonic spray for workings will be very handy in the upcoming months.

In Preparing Herbal Mixtures for Incense chapter, you can get down and dirty by hand-making your incense. I am lazy so I will be buying mine. Though I will charge them like I normally do.

In the Other Preparations chapter, you have the uses for bath salts, soaps and candle uses. This will be a good one to keep in the self. Having bath salts is perfect for when you want to purify before a ritual.

Plant Reference section, is pretty explanatory. It gives a very generous list (14 pp.) of magickal plants and what they can be used for. The same for the Bases section and Miscellany Magickal Recipes and Random Daemons.

The next three chapters are my favorite: Cursing Recipes, Death Daemonic Recipes and Divination Recipes. Ahhh, the love I have for these three keeps me warm at night.

The next few chapters Magickal Inks, Dukante Hierarchy Recipes, Goetic Hierarchy Recipes, and Grimoirium Verum Recipes gives you more than enough hands on experience to keep you busy for a few months trying them out.

Rituals sections are always a win/win in my book with, any Occult read I pick up. There are nine healthy rituals, love the number, that will keep you busy and build your energy up when working with charging your mixtures.

The second to last section, The Magickal Gardener, I skimmed through. I kill plants you heard me, not on purpose, but because I am so absolutely horrible in Gardening that Satan and Eury told me to take a seat. No lie, I suck ass at gardening, but my mother has a green thumb and can grow anything. This has all types of tips and hints in growing your garden so it is good to take heed and take notes.

Last section is a list of resources to grow your magickal library so you can have a basement like mines; that literally has books on tables, shelves, chairs, the washer and dryer and every square inch of floor. Actually if I could float, I would be able to go into my basement. Seriously, a lot of books.

This book is a wealth of information, filled with recipes, rituals, formulas, and tried and true favorites that I love. So get online, order a few few friends and enjoy your summer trying out some of the philtres and tinctures. Try not to cut a finger, blow up your alchemy set up, or poison you neighbor (well unless, you know). Enjoy the read and have fun. I know I am.

Rise and shine

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Got up this morning, cooked the husband and I breakfast of link stage and eggs with juice. Simple but his enough to get our day going. Made his lunch and of to work he went. Now is my time. Yes!

I’m finishing pulling out recipes that catch my eye so I can do my own take on them and pro for another shopping trip in a couple weeks. I should be going home to pick up my computer from my parents house and mother always has extra dishes that I can bring back, like her small rice cooker is mine lol.

I know she has an ice cream maker that she doesn’t use and I can do use that to make ice cream year round. I may tell her I want a Vitamixer for my birthday. That thing is $600 and with every damn penny. I’m setting an apartment size drop freeze so I can really sick up on meats and frozen foods. And the fact that I can catch the bus to IKEA is a bonus because I can spend hours there finding things for our apartment.  

I need to make some more seasonings and get my fingers and meals planned for the day.

Outside of that, I am still trying to figure out what I want to research and investigate. Finish up my personal working and search with Belial fir my chakra healing, and put up some more writings. I have a back log of books that need to be sent off and ideas to come up with. Lol, at least I’m busy.

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The Hood Pioneer

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So I’m trying to make all my foods at home and stray away from processed foods.

Since I’m now a homemaker, and focusing on school I will make the most of my husband’s income and keep us with money and low bills. Luckily I have money coming in, but I want to be savvy and start saving again.

So my mother got me addicted to The Pioneer Woman on the food network. If you haven’t watched her, please do so. You will never cook the same again. So I’m going to give it a try. I cook very well, just check out my husband’s mid section lol, and in not thick from McDonald’s lol.

So yesterday I decided I’m going to spend my check on groceries. I ordered meat, 25 pounds of: Scrapple, various breakfast sausages, ham, chicken legs, quarters, breast, thighs, ribs, ground beef and steak; 8 pound of seafood, 5lb of frozen fries, and over a hundred bucks on staples like rice, instant mashed potatoes, peppers, fruit, vegetables, canned beans, potatoes, yams, and baking supplies. And of course I have to by the chips for my husband’s lunch, the drinks and his kool-aid lol.

So the meats came from Girards Meat Market on 47 and Girard Ave. Now my order was delivered six hours late, because a driver called out at the last minute. So you know he got an ear full. It is a Muslim store and I will always by meats from there. Reason being, my grandfather is Jewish and raised us on eating Kosher. The meat is just fresh and always ground in store. That’s one thing I got from granddaddy is to always buy my meats Kosher. He said I don’t give a damn about your religious preference just by Kosher. So grandma did, ma does and I do.  So when I got my order I loved it. Fresh ground meat. Reminds me of my granddaddy’s restaurant he had in DC on K st, Sunset Diner. I miss that spot.

Any way I know I’m about to get my cook on and be Shayla Crocker up in this bitch lol. Think I spelled it right. I’m not checking either lol.

So I’m going to go through my cook books, food magazines, and my vegan books to see what I’m going to be fixing. I do want to make some banana bread and a pound cake for sure. Going to be making my own taco spice, hot sauce, and bbq rubs. I love dry bbq. That wet shit pisses me off lol. And I have a crock pot, yeah that baby will be used when I make those short beef ribs for my husband. The Carnivore lol.

So trust and believe I will update you and share ALL.

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I Finally Did It!

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I made a hot sauce for my chicken that I can be proud of.

I’m not a fan of spicy food but I’m turning up the heat. So I combined hit sauce, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar for a sweet and spicy kick.

And kick it did! Surprise I still have teeth left lol! But it compliments the chicken, rice, green beans and turnip greens that’s for dinner. Gravy fir the rice a good comfort dinner.

I was so happy my rice turned out right because let’s face it, fried chicken (trees I did two fried dishes this week, I know I know lol) and rice are two things I’m horrible cooking at. Okay that and pancakes. But I can quiche and casseroles, and appetizers with no problems. Figure. I’m proud no hacked up rice, and the chicken is still to be treated. But I’m positive it won’t bite back lol

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